Tips For Keeping Your Floors Clean

The floor is one of the most traveled and used parts of our home.  We walk on it constantly, bring in and out items from the outside world and like anything else, have spills and accidents.  As a result, many people are looking at and turning to lifeproof vinyl flooring in fort wayne in for their flooring needs.  This type of flooring is great since it is higher quality and is designed for, well, life.

Sweeping your floors

When it comes to sweeping your floors you will want to sweep the contents of the fall into small piles or to the edge of the floor.  The idea is to always have a clean path down the center of the room.  At the end of hate day or if you are no longer going to be using that room you will run your broom along one side and then the other and pile the contents together in a pile.  Before leaving the room, you will sweep up the dirt into a dustpan and toss away.

Watch pets and animals

Pets, animals and kids are going to be your number one source for damage, dirt and other issues with your flooring.  What you want to do is keep them away from these areas or at least manage them in a way that they are not making a mess.

If you do get an issue with pets, animals or other, you want to clean it up as quickly as possible.  If you allow items to remain on your floor, they can cause damage or stains.  The best way to clean this up is with a damp cloth or paper towel.  If the mess is greater than you expected, using a mop or other cleaning device will help restore your floor to its original glory.

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